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We use the PediaSwim and Infant Aquatics program. PediaSwim is a unique learn to swim program with early emphasis on swimming and floating independently. Students can continue to develop their skills and move into stroke development.


Once a child can crawl they are able to learn to swim. They will be taught to roll onto their backs to a safe and balanced float. Crawling puts them at risk to find an unattended body of water. Once they have learned to swim, they will float and await rescue. According to the CDC, the highest risk of drowning is between the ages 1-4. Learning early is essential.


Once a child can walk they are taught the swim float swim sequence. A toddler can swim in the proper head down posture, with feet kicking at the surface, roll to a balanced float to rest and breathe, then flip back over to swim to safety. With practice, they can swim longer distances using the swim float swim sequence.


Basic Training (New Students)

Lessons are one-on-one, four days a week, Monday through Thursday and last approximately 10-15 minutes each day. Each lesson will be tailored to meet your child's needs and development, every child learns differently and at their own pace. Lessons will be adapted to meet your child's needs.

Maintenance Lessons/Refresher Lessons (Returning Students)

Maintenance Lessons are conducted one or two days a week to ensure optimal skill retention and development. Once a week maintenance is $60/month, twice weekly maintenance is $120/month or a daily rate of $20. Refresher Lessons are available if your child has not had lessons for an extended period of time. Maintaining water safety skills is an important aspect of your child’s swimming progression.  

Stroke Development (Returning Students)
Once basic training is completed, children aged 4 and up can move to stroke development. Stroke development will be customized to your child's skill level. Lessons will start with freestyle and move to breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke as competency is met. The lessons are private and will focus on swimming drills while having fun! Sessions are 15 minutes and scheduled 1-3 times per week.


There is a one time registration fee of $50 (per family). Tuition and rates are as follows:​​

Basic Training

  • 4 days a week, Monday-Thursday
  • $80/week

Refresher Lessons

  • 4 days a week, Monday-Thursday

  • $80/week

Maintenance Lessons 1 Day

  • 1 day a week, to be scheduled Monday-Thursday

  • $20/day or $60/month (Weekly lessons must be made up the same week they are missed. Make up lessons cannot accumulate.)

Maintenance Lessons 2 Day

  • 2 days a week, to be scheduled Monday-Thursday

  • $20/day or $120/month (Weekly lessons must be made up the same week they are missed. Make up lessons cannot accumulate.)

Stroke Development

  • 1-2 days a week, to be scheduled Monday-Thursday

  • $20/day