The 6 week promise is based on 24 lessons. If a swimmer attends 24 lessons and has not completed basic training with a clothes checkout then lessons will continue at no additional charge. This is something that truly separates our program from other swim programs. The 24 lessons are required to be fours days a week, Monday-Thursday, for 6 weeks.

We understand that things happen and children get sick, two absences are allowed but if more than two absences occur, over the 24 lessons, then the promise is void. Cancellations due to weather are at the discretion of the instructor. Interference by parents or flotation devices will also void the 6 week promise. Interference and flotation devices interrupt the form the swimmer is being taught. For example, a swimmer is taught to swim horizontally with their head in the water but when placed in a flotation device they will try to swim vertically with their head out of the water.

Swimming Lessons are not a replacement for active supervision. For more information on "layers of protection" and water safety please visit National Drowning Protection Alliance and Pool Safely. No one can "drown-proof" a child.