Policies & procedures

Instructions for Upcoming Lessons

covid precautions

If your child, or anyone in your household, has come in contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID, in the 14 days before you start lessons, a negative COVID test is required to start lessons.

I will be sending a health check questionnaire to screen swimmers each week before lessons. Questionnaire needs to be completed before your child can swim.

Arrive no more than 5 minutes before your lesson time. This allows the previous swimmer time to change into dry clothes and not feel rushed.

Arrive dressed and ready to swim.

Toys will be used to enhance lessons. Toys that end up in mouths will be set aside and cleaned.

If goggles are required then please provide your own.

Lastly, I have been fully vaccinated and will not be wearing a mask. If you would prefer that I wear a mask during your child's lesson, please let me know and I will. Thank you for your patience as we try to find the best way to navigate our current situation.

Swimming Lessons are not a replacement for active supervision. For more information on "layers of protection" and water safety please visit National Drowning Protection Alliance and Pool Safely. No one can "drown-proof" a child.

You will receive an appointment time for the week and a payment package. Payments are due on Monday the week of lessons. Payments can be paid by credit card through the app or cash/check pool side. There is a payment box on the wall with envelopes for you to write your child's name if paying by cash.

24 hour notification for any other cancellations is required otherwise your days tuition will be forfeited. If cancellations happen for lightning/weather we will use Friday as a makeup day. Please do not assume because it is raining at your location that it is raining here. Feel free to touch base if you are concerned about the weather. If I do not respond in a timely manner then you can assume I am swimming.

In an effort to keep my neighbors happy, please utilize the driveway. Parking at the end of the driveway will prevent you from being blocked in. If you park on the street, please be mindful of the grass (sprinkler heads are not fun to replace). Please drive at a safe speed to keep all our neighbors safe.

There will be an open gate on the left side of the house, please come around and into the patio. 

Please also like our Facebook page so you can keep up with updates.

Lastly, please keep photos and videos for the last couple of lessons when swimmers have mastered skills and have successes to share. There is a great first day photo op available that will be much more memorable then a crying child in the water. Please feel free to grab a sign, let them hold it and stand on the podium for a picture.

If your child is not potty trained, a reusable cloth swim diaper with elastic waist and leg holes is required. A specific brand is required because they have an improved ability to hold in any accidents. They can be found on Amazon as well as directly through the manufacturer. They need to fit snugly, not loosely! If you choose not to use the approved swim diaper or it fits incorrectly then there will be a $100 fee if your child has an accident in the pool. It is in everyone's best interest to keep the pool clear of accidents as it will require cancellations due to pool cleaning safety measures.

Below are links to purchase approved swim diaper:

Splash About Swim Diaper

No food or drink 1-2 hours prior to lessons and no dairy 2-3 hours prior.

If your child does not seem 100% then they should not be swimming. Fever, diarrhea, vomiting are all reasons to cancel.

Please bring 2-3 towels, one to two for them to lay on after the lesson and one for drying off. They may want to lie down and rest for a few minutes after the lesson. Sometimes children will swallow air during the lesson while learning to hold their breath and floating. Laying them on their left side after the lesson will help them release the air, similar to belly gas. Use this time to let them know what a great job they have done and how awesome they are!