“Thank you so much for teaching our little girl , 11 months, how to survive in the water.” -Sandra

“My daughter, 14 months, has learned not only survival skills but how to swim! -Jess

“Cathy has accomplished something that two swimming schools have not been able to! My little girl, 5 years old, is finally swimming.” -Sheila

"We love Cathy and how she is with our son. Thank you Cathy!!" -Jenn

“We continue to be thrilled with Cathy and what she has taught our son, 20 months old! He can swim, roll over and float - all with confidence.” -Angela

Swimming Lessons are not a replacement for active supervision. For more information on "layers of protection" and water safety please visit National Drowning Protection Alliance and Pool Safely. No one can "drown-proof" a child.

"This is a wonderful school The instructor, Cathy, is a very knowledgeable and patient instructor. My son learned to swim here when he was two!" -Jack